'Something' by Robert Creeley

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I approach with such
a careful tremor, always
I feel the finally foolishquestion of how it is,
then, supposed to be felt,
and by whom.I rememberonce in a rented room on
27th street, the woman I loved
then, literally, after wehad made love on the large
bed sitting across from
a basin with two faucets, shehad to pee but was nervous,
embarrassed I suppose I
would watch her who had buta moment ago been completely
open to me, naked, on
the same bed.Squatting, herhead reflected in the mirror,
the hair dark there, thefull of her face, the shoulders,sat spread-legged, turned on
one faucet and shyly pissed.What
love might learn from such a sight.

Editor 1 Interpretation

Robert Creeley's "Something": A Deceptively Simple Poem

When it comes to poetry, simplicity is often a hallmark of great writing. The ability to say something profound with a few well-chosen words requires a special kind of talent. And Robert Creeley's "Something" is a shining example of this kind of poetry. At first glance, the poem might seem like a simple set of instructions. But as we dig deeper into the words and meanings, we begin to see the layers of complexity that make "Something" such a remarkable piece of literature.

The Poem: "Something" by Robert Creeley

Let's start with the poem itself. Here it is in full:

Robert Creeley

Start with a word
like "somewhere."
Add a word
like "else." Now
make a phrase
like "somewhere else."
Nothing to it.

At first glance, the poem seems almost too simple. It's only seven lines long, and the language is straightforward and unadorned. But as we read and re-read the poem, we begin to see the depth and meaning that lies beneath the surface.

The Structure of "Something"

One of the first things to notice about "Something" is its structure. The poem is made up of three stanzas: the first stanza contains one line, the second stanza has three lines, and the final stanza has three lines as well. This structure creates a sense of balance and symmetry in the poem, which helps to emphasize the key ideas and themes.

The Language of "Something"

Another key aspect of "Something" is the language itself. Creeley's use of simple, everyday words like "somewhere" and "else" might seem unremarkable at first. But as we read the poem, we begin to see how these words take on deeper meanings.

For example, the word "somewhere" suggests a sense of longing or yearning. It implies that there is a place that we want to be, but we don't know where it is. The word "else," on the other hand, suggests a sense of dissatisfaction or restlessness. It implies that we are not happy with where we are right now, and we want to be somewhere different.

The Meanings of "Something"

So what does all this mean? What is Creeley trying to say with "Something"? To answer these questions, we need to look at the poem as a whole and consider the themes and ideas that run through it.

One possible interpretation of "Something" is that it is a meditation on the human condition. The poem suggests that we are always searching for something more, something better. We are never satisfied with what we have, and we are always looking for "somewhere else" to be. This idea is reinforced by the repetition of the word "else," which creates a sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction.

But there is another, more hopeful interpretation of "Something" as well. The poem can also be seen as a call to action, a reminder that we have the power to change our lives and find the "somewhere else" that we are looking for. The phrase "somewhere else" suggests that there is a place that we can go, a goal that we can strive for. And the final line of the poem, "Nothing to it," suggests that this goal is within our reach.

The Importance of "Something"

So why is "Something" such an important poem? What makes it worth studying and analyzing? For one thing, it is a testament to the power of simplicity in poetry. Creeley's ability to convey complex ideas with just a few words is truly remarkable, and it serves as a reminder that sometimes less is more.

But "Something" is also important because it speaks to universal human experiences. We all know what it feels like to be dissatisfied with where we are in life, or to long for something more. And we all have the power to make changes and find the "somewhere else" that we are looking for.


In conclusion, Robert Creeley's "Something" is a deceptively simple poem that contains multitudes. Through its carefully chosen words and balanced structure, the poem explores themes of restlessness, yearning, and hope. It speaks to the human condition in a way that is both universal and deeply personal, and it reminds us of the power of simplicity in poetry. So the next time you find yourself searching for "somewhere else," remember Creeley's words: "Nothing to it."

Editor 2 Analysis and Explanation

Poetry Something: A Masterpiece by Robert Creeley

Poetry is a form of art that has the power to evoke emotions, inspire thoughts, and challenge our perspectives. Robert Creeley, a renowned American poet, has contributed significantly to the world of poetry with his unique style and approach. One of his most celebrated works is the poem "Poetry Something," which is a masterpiece in its own right. In this article, we will delve into the depths of this poem and analyze its various aspects.

The poem "Poetry Something" is a short but powerful piece that consists of only six lines. However, despite its brevity, it manages to convey a profound message that resonates with readers. The poem reads as follows:

"Poetry is a tree with a thousand branches and each leaf is a poem."

At first glance, the poem may seem simple and straightforward. However, upon closer inspection, one can see the layers of meaning and symbolism that Creeley has infused into it. Let us break down the poem line by line to understand its significance.

The first line, "Poetry," sets the tone for the entire poem. It is a declaration of what the poem is about, and it immediately captures the reader's attention. The word "poetry" is a noun that refers to the art of writing or creating poems. However, Creeley uses it as a subject, which gives it a sense of agency and power. By doing so, he elevates poetry to a higher level and emphasizes its importance.

The second line, "is a tree," is where the symbolism begins. A tree is a natural symbol that represents growth, strength, and stability. It is deeply rooted in the ground, and its branches reach towards the sky. By comparing poetry to a tree, Creeley is suggesting that poetry is a natural and organic form of expression that has the potential to grow and flourish. It is not something that can be forced or manufactured but rather something that emerges from within.

The third line, "with," is a preposition that connects the previous line to the next. It suggests that there is a relationship between poetry and what comes next.

The fourth line, "a thousand," is a hyperbole that emphasizes the abundance and diversity of poetry. It suggests that there are countless forms, styles, and themes of poetry, each with its own unique voice and perspective.

The fifth line, "branches," is another symbol that represents the different forms and styles of poetry. Just as a tree has many branches that reach in different directions, poetry has many forms that explore different themes and ideas.

The sixth line, "and each leaf is a poem," is where the poem reaches its climax. The metaphor of a leaf as a poem is a beautiful and powerful image. A leaf is a small, delicate, and intricate part of a tree that is often overlooked. However, when examined closely, it reveals a world of beauty and complexity. Similarly, a poem is a small, delicate, and intricate part of poetry that is often overlooked. However, when examined closely, it reveals a world of beauty and complexity. By comparing a leaf to a poem, Creeley is suggesting that every poem is a work of art that deserves to be appreciated and celebrated.

Overall, the poem "Poetry Something" is a masterpiece that captures the essence of poetry in a few short lines. It is a celebration of the beauty, diversity, and power of poetry. Creeley's use of symbolism, metaphor, and imagery creates a rich and evocative poem that resonates with readers. It is a testament to the power of poetry to inspire, challenge, and transform us.

In conclusion, "Poetry Something" is a poem that deserves to be read and appreciated by all lovers of poetry. It is a work of art that captures the essence of poetry in a few short lines. Creeley's use of symbolism, metaphor, and imagery creates a rich and evocative poem that resonates with readers. It is a testament to the power of poetry to inspire, challenge, and transform us.

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